The Chances of Cavities Developing on the Back Teeth Can Be Reduced by Dental Sealants

Once your son or daughter has had all of their baby teeth replaced by their 32 adult teeth, it’s important to maintain them. If the biting surfaces of their molars and premolars have deep pits and fissures in the tooth enamel, they could be hard to clean with twice-daily brushing. These areas can start to… Read more »

Professional Whitening 101

With the bevy of over-the-counter whitening options available, having a whitening procedure performed at the dentist’s office may seem a bit redundant. However, the fact remains that it’s actually much easier, quicker, and efficient to get whitening done at the dentist’s office. Let’s take a look at why that is. It’s more effective While over-the-counter… Read more »

What Are the Treatments for Tinnitus Associated With TMJ Disorder?

Have you ever had a strange sound in your ears, such as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, or whistling? If you have, you’re far from alone, though the severity of the sound can vary. This sound may actually be the result of a condition commonly referred to as tinnitus. Many people notice the noise throughout… Read more »

When to Seek Dental Care

When you have problems with your teeth, time can be of the essence when it comes to saving your teeth and maintaining great oral health. However, not every little bit of pain or discoloration merits a visit to Dr. . So to help you keep your oral health where it should be, our team here… Read more »

Mouthguards: The Three Appliances that Can Protect Your Smile

Mouthguards in , , are strong, reliable appliances that cover your teeth and protect your smile. It’s best to wear a mouthguard while you participate in contact sports and activities. This is important because the guard will prevent tooth injury when hard, forceful objects hit your smile. There are many different types of mouthguards you… Read more »

Tooth-Bleaching Gel Can Often Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Smile

If you were to look at your tooth enamel under a powerful microscope, you would see that the surface is made up of microscopic pores that can trap minuscule dark particles. As time passes, these dark particles can settle deeper and deeper into the tooth enamel to cause stubborn stains. If moderate stains do set… Read more »

A Cosmetically Unappealing Tooth in Your Smile Can Be Fully Restored by a Porcelain Crown

Many people feel that a winning smile serves them well in social functions. Yet a tooth that has been dulled by stains, chips or unsightly old fillings can often leave you wanting to explore your restoration options. Sometimes this can be as simple as having Dr. Mark Osenieks restore one or more unappealing teeth with… Read more »

A Professional Tooth Bleaching Treatment Will Safely and Effectively Whiten Your Smile

As you age it’s not uncommon for your teeth to lose their luster, or suffer from significant staining problems. Dr. can help you find the best option for whitening your smile. The depth and degree of staining will go a long way towards influencing the options recommends. In most cases deeply stained teeth simply cannot… Read more »

Different Mouth Guard Options

Contact sports are one of the most common ways to lose teeth. From football to hockey, you can chip a tooth or have it knocked out completely. Neither is a wanted outcome, but with the added protection of a mouth guard, you can enjoy your favorite sport without worrying that you’re going to damage your… Read more »

What to do About Teeth Grinding

Are you frequently waking up to a sore jaw or to headaches? Do you suffer with sensitive teeth and earaches throughout the day? Sadly, these could all be symptoms of bruxism, which is also commonly known as teeth grinding. This can be a serious problem that should be addressed by a professional as quickly as… Read more »