How to Protect Your Teeth from Wear

If you care for your teeth properly they can last a lifetime. This includes brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist every six months for our routine cleaning. But, even if you do all of these things, there may still be more you can do. Your teeth can often be affected by typical wear and tear—but… Read more »

Buying Your Next Toothbrush

To protect your oral health, you should replace your toothbrush—or at least it’s head for electric toothbrushes—every three to four months? Have you heard that choosing the right toothbrush can help you protect your oral health? If you would like to learn more about the perks and disadvantages of different toothbrushes, please continue reading. Effectiveness:… Read more »

Knowing Which Dental Bridge Is Right for Your Mouth

If you recently made the decision to have a dental bridge placed in your mouth, you may be wondering what your options are. Our team is going to give you a brief look at the three different types of dental bridges that are used by dentists today. Traditional Traditional bridges involve creating a crown for… Read more »

Improved Smiles with Dental Crowns

Despite your best efforts, your tooth may become damaged or discolored. Because of an injury, your tooth may become chipped, cracked, or broken. Perhaps you have decay or a large dental filling that has severely weakened your tooth. In some cases, a tooth may be irregularly shaped or discolored. A patient with any of these… Read more »

Get Your Fill On Fillings

One of your teeth has developed a cavity. Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt, it is important to treat this cavity as soon as possible to prevent other problems from developing, such as an abscess. However, before your cavity is treated, speak with your dentist about the different types of fillings available. Your dentist will… Read more »

Ways To Stop A Thumb-Sucking Habit In Your Child

Thumb-sucking, when done vigorously or by children over the age of four, can become a harmful habit. The force of the sucking affects the shape of a child’s growing mouth and the alignment of incoming permanent teeth. So what can you do to stop your child’s habit so they won’t damage their teeth and mouth?… Read more »

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are comprised of a thin, plastic material that is painted onto the chewing surfaces of the molars (back teeth). Sealants provide a protective coating that helps to preserve tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. The Problem The molars have deep depressions that are uneven and bumpy, making them difficult to clean well —… Read more »