How Dental Sealants Are Placed

Consider dental sealants in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to protect your teeth against decay. Dental sealant is a thin, plastic material that is painted onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from decay. While dental sealants are very commonly placed on children’s teeth, they can also be used for adults. When you come in for dental sealant... read more »

A Cavity on a Molar Might Be Repaired by a Standard Amalgam Filling

The eight molars in the back of your mouth are rather large and play a critical role in the function of your mouth. When one is afflicted with a cavity, the heightened sensitivity and discomfort can increasingly limit your ability to chew and grind food. If you suspect that a cavity has formed on one of your molars, you should... read more »

Debunking Myths About Root Canal Therapy

Have you ever had a cavity filled? If you have, would you have a cavity filled again? Would you be surprised to hear that most patients who have had a cavity filled and have had root canal therapy say the two treatments are fairly comparable? Still, root canal therapy has earned a bad reputation. For example, have you ever heard... read more »

Get Your Fill On Fillings

One of your teeth has developed a cavity. Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt, it is important to treat this cavity as soon as possible to prevent other problems from developing, such as an abscess. However, before your cavity is treated, speak with your dentist about the different types of fillings available. Your dentist will determine the best one for... read more »