An Infected Salivary Gland Needs Professional Treatment

An Infected Salivary Gland Needs Professional Treatment

Healthy oral function relies on several different factors including strong teeth, healthy gums and other oral tissues. Your natural saliva production further plays a role in helping maintain a moist mouth when speaking and breathing, as well as helping to lubricate your food for efficient chewing and safe swallowing. Saliva is generated by a series of salivary glands and delivered... read more »

A Primary Tooth with a Cavity Might Need a Dental Crown

Primary teeth serve several important purposes. Not only do they provide your son or daughter with the necessary ability to bite, chew, and grind food for safe swallowing, they also play an important structural role. When a tooth is lost to a severe cavity it can affect the development and alignment of the underlying permanent tooth. Active areas of tooth... read more »

Smile Basics: Oral Emergencies

If you ever suffer from an oral emergency, they can alter your smile in an instant. However, with effective treatment planning and emergency prevention techniques, you have a much greater chance of saving your smile and limiting any damage that may arise. If you have suffered an oral emergency that has resulted in catastrophic damage to your jaw, do not... read more »

Debunking Myths About Root Canal Therapy

Have you ever had a cavity filled? If you have, would you have a cavity filled again? Would you be surprised to hear that most patients who have had a cavity filled and have had root canal therapy say the two treatments are fairly comparable? Still, root canal therapy has earned a bad reputation. For example, have you ever heard... read more »

A Knocked-Out Tooth Needs Immediate First Aid and Professional Treatment

A hard blow to the face or another form of oral trauma can sometimes carry so much force that it can avulse or knock a tooth out of its socket. Should this befall you, providing quality first aid while seeking professional treatment can help you manage pain and potentially improve your treatment options. To aid in this endeavor, Dr. Mark... read more »